Casa Carriot is a brand of artisanally crafted food products rooted in the land from which it comes: the plains of the Alt Empordà. We cook up creamy vegetable soups, sauces and stocks of extraordinary quality using 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
Products designed with the entire family in mind, targeted at people who enjoy fine cooking, who like to eat well, but who don't always have as much time as they'd like to cook.

The perfect Complement
Salses Casa Carriot

Four sauces, four great ways to flavour your favourite meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The most traditional Casa Carriot products are not just products; they are ideas!

The Quick Solution!
Cremes Casa Carriot

Perfect when you have no time to cook. Casa Carriot presents four varieties of vegetable cream soups prepared to just be heated and savoured... in the snap of a finger!

The Secret Ingredient
Brous i fumets Casa Carriot

Perfect for making spectacular dishes without losing hours in the kitchen.